Ginger Plants

Ginger Photos - Some of the 50+ Gingers we have offered. Click on image for larger pictures. Note: All gingers are dormant until late May, meaning they are just a root or rhyzome in a pot in winter.

Curcuma Summer Snow variegated, Curcuma Emerald Zebra, Blush Tulip Ginger, Siam Tulip

assorted gingers
Common Name Botanic Name Family Hardiness Information
Pinstripe Ginger
Pinstripe Ginger
Alpinia formosana - Pinstripe Ginger Zingiberaceae    
Calathea louisae Bed
Calathea louisae Bed Calathea louisae Flower
Calathea louisae Flower
Calathea louisae Marantaceae   Calathea louisae Leaves
Calathea louisae Detail
Cornukaempferia aurantifolia 'Jungle Gold'
'Jungle Gold' Ginger
Cornukaempferia aurantifolia 'Jungle Gold' Zingiberaceae 9-10  

Costus barbatus
Red Tower Spiral Ginger

Costus barbatus Costaceae 8-11 Excellent as a long lasting cut flower or just enjoy its tropical look in your garden all summer long. Blooming period lasts for months. Bright red inflorescences are complimented with bright yellow tubular flowers. Plants grow to 5 or 6 feet tall. An easy to grow and strikingly beautiful spiral ginger.

Fiery Costus
Costus cuspidatus Costaceae 8-11  
Costus varzearum
Costus varzearum   8-11  
Costus woodsonii
Costus red buttons
Red Button Ginger
Costus woodsonii Costaceae 10 A dwarf spiral ginger with dark green waxy leaves, gently spiraled stems, topped with bright red cones with flowers ranging from yellow to orange. Red Button Ginger grows to about 3 feet tall. Native to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama. Does well in a container or in the ground.
Hidden Ginger - Curcuma - 'Purple Prince'
Hidden Ginger
Curcuma 'Purple Prince' Zingiberaceae  
Curcuma aurantiaca 'Rainbow'
Rainbow Ginger
Curcuma aurantiaca 'Rainbow' Zingiberaceae   Prefers shade, long lasting flowers with unusual multi-colorations
Curcuma australasica 'Aussie Plume'
Aussie Plume Curcuma
Curcuma australasica 'Aussie Plume' Zingiberaceae 8-11 A perennial ginger native to Australia. Flowering during summer months with large hot pink blooms. Will grow to 4 feet and does well in containers or in the ground. This ginger goes dormant during the winter months. Grow in the shade.
Curcuma cordata
Curcuma cordata Zingiberaceae    

Giant Plume
Curcuma elata 'Giant Plume' Zingiberaceae 8-10 Single or in mass, this giant ginger makes a spectacular show with 8 foot leaves and large beautiful bright pink clusters of flowers. Great for long lasting cut arrangements. One to two foot tall flower spikes appear in early spring before the leaves. Prefers light shade to full sun and moist rich soil high in nitrogen. Native to Burma.
Curcuma 'Khymer Orange'
Curcuma 'Khymer Orange'
Curcuma 'Khymer Orange' Zingiberaceae    
Curcuma Sulee Sunrise
Curcuma 'Sulee Sunrise'
Curcuma 'Sulee Sunrise' Zingiberaceae    
Curcuma X 'Laddawan'
Curcuma X 'Laddawan' Zingiberaceae  
Hidden Ginger Curcuma X 'Raspberry'
Hidden Ginger Curcuma X 'Raspberry'
Curcuma X 'Raspberry'
Curcuma X 'Raspberry' Zingiberaceae   Hidden Ginger---Curcuma X 'Raspberry'
Hidden Ginger

Anne Bishop Ginger
Hedychium anne bishop Zingiberaceae   fragrant red orange flowers
White Butterfly Ginger
White Butterfly Ginger
Hedychium coronarium Zingiberaceae    
Hedychium 'Daniel Weeks'
Hedychium 'Daniel Weeks'
Hedychium 'Daniel Weeks' Zingiberaceae  


Disney Ginger
Hedychium Disney Zingiberaceae   fragrant orange bottlebrush like flowers, compact variety. hard to find!
Hedychium 'Dr. Moy'
Hedychium 'Dr. Moy'
Hedychium 'Dr. Moy' Zingiberaceae    
Hedychium Kong
Hedychium 'Kong'
Hedychium 'Kong' Zingiberaceae  
Hedychium Tahitian Flame
Tahitian Flame Ginger
Hedychium Tahitian Flame Zingiberaceae   butterfly ginger with gorgeous apricot fragrant blooms and white variegated foliage, more bold than Dr. Moy!
Hedychium X 'Tara'
Hedychium X 'Tara'
Hedychium X 'Tara' Zingiberaceae    
Kaempferia 'Silver Diamonds'
'Silver Diamonds' Ginger
Kaempferia 'Silver Diamonds' Zingiberaceae 9-10  
Kaempferia grande
Kaempferia Grande Ginger
Kaempferia spp. 'Grande' Zingiberaceae 9-10 Leaves are large for Kaempferia at 18 to 24 inches high and up to a foot wide. They are ornately patterned above and a rich burgundy beneath. Large clusters of pink flowers emerge about a month before the leaves. Prefers moist well drained soil and shade. In winter plants go dormant and their rhizomes must be kept relatively dry to prevent rotting.
Zingiber Zerumbet - Pine Cone Ginger
Pine Cone Ginger
Zingiber zerumbet Zingiberaceae   Zingiber zerumbet - Pinecone Ginger
Zingiber zerumbet - Pinecone Ginger