Caldwell Nursery in Rosenberg, Texas is a short 25 minute drive from Houston out the S.W. Freeway. Our nursery covers 6 acres and includes extensive, well maintained display gardens in addition to our retail areas and greenhouses. Our specialty is rare and unusual plants suitable for the greater Houston / Rosenberg area, including bamboo, tropical and cold hardy fruit trees, bedding plants, vegetables, seeds, gift and collector plants, succulents and cacti, gingers, roses, bromeliads, and herbs.

Caldwell Nursery carries a great selection of tropicals, trees, cacti, succulents, bamboo for Texas, bulbs, palms, ferns, herbs, native plants, orchids, roses, vegetables, variegated plants, books, calendars, chimes, seeds, garden art, garden supplies, garden tools, and wire baskets.

Due to seasonal variation, not all plants are available all the time.

The Source for Bamboo in Texas

"Perfect for Living Screens and Fences"

We will have bamboo and ginger for sale starting in May.

Still in stock in limited quantities

  • Rangoon creeper
  • Hibiscus hamabo
  • Amaryllis bulbs over 20 varieties
Cestrum elegans, purple blooming cestrum
Ruellia coccinea, hardy perennial shrub with bright red flowers
Arabian lilac Vitex trifolia purpurea, shrub with gray green leaves with purple undersides
Flatwoods plum Prunus umbellata
Chickasaw plum Prunus angustifolia

Ginger Alpinia galanga - Thai cooking ginger
Thunbergia erecta King's Mantle white form
Black pepper vine
Cardamon ginger, true cardamon, Elettaria cardamomum

Leptospermum New Zealand tea tree
Laurus nobilis true Bay Laurel
Passion fruiting vine (edulis), purple fruiting and yellow fruiting
Giant Granadilla passion fruit
Blood lily Scadoxus multiflorus
Vietnamese Gardenia
Belle of India Jasmine
Garlic vine
Pride of Barbados

Euphorbia cotonifolia Caribbean copper tree
New! Pavonia missionum orange pavonia
Calathea standing tiger - Hardy calathea!

Grevillea Kings celebration, Kings fire, Peaches and Cream
Rainbow Eucalyptus

We have a fresh batch of avocados in

We have all fruit trees in and potted for 2023.

7 gallon are $45 to $65
10-15 gallon are $95 to $125

Apples - Anna, Dorsett, Einsheimer, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, 3n1 low chill mix, Beverly Hills, Ghost, Pettingill, Pink Lady(dwarf)
Apricots - Flora Gold, Goldkist, Katy
Figs - Celeste, Texas Everbearing
Jujube Li and Shanxi Li
Nectarine - Panamint, Snow Queen, Double Delight, Necta Zee, Sauzee King
Peaches - Double Jewel, Early Amber, Galaxy, La Feliciana, Rio Grande, Sam Houston, Texas King, Tex Prince, 3n1 low chill mix, August pride, Babcock, Donut, Eva's pride, Florida Prince, Sauzee swirl, Sweet bagel
Pears - Biscamp, Shinko, Keiffer, 20th Century, Florida Home, Shinseki, Southern Bartlett, Southern King
Persimmon - Fuyu, Hachiya, Coffee cake
Plums - Beauty, Burgundy, Dwarf Burgundy, Golden Nectar, Methley, Plum Parfait, Santa Rosa, Weeping Santa Rosa, Southern Belle

Note: Due to increased plant material prices,freight, and increased cost of containers and supplies there is a price increase on some items.

  • Figs - Panache, Desert King, Black Mission, Peter's Honey, Violette de Bourdeaux, Janice seedless Kadota, Blackjack
  • Olive - Mission, Arbequina
  • Pomegranates - Parfianka, Pink Satin, Eversweet, Desertnyi, Wonderful
  • Grapes - Noble and Carlos Muscadines, Black Spanish, Flame, Princess, Blueberry grape
  • Blackberries - Natchez, Ouachita, Apache, Prime Ark. Freedom, Kiowa, Natchez, Triple Crown
  • Blueberries - Climax, Tifblue, Jewel, Misty, Sharp Blue, Sunshine Blue, Pink Lemonade, Emerald
  • Raspberries - Baba, Raspberry Shortcake
  • Goji berry

Collector Plants

Phymosia umbellata Mexican Bush Mallow
Mexican Bush Mallow (sold out)

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Aechmea 'Del Mar' Bromeliad

Bromeliad Aechmea 'Blue Tango'

We carry many varieties of bromeliads, both hardy and very collectable tropical specimen plants.

Passion Vines

Passiflora alata flower

  • Passiflora alata 'Ruby Glow'
  • P. quadrangularis
  • P. alata-x-caerulea
  • P. foetida "Tagua"
  • P. incarnata
  • P. 'Incense'
  • P. 'Lady Margaret'
  • P. 'Bat Wing'
  • P. edulis

See Passion Flower Vine Page

Butterfly & Bird Plants

Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly

Butterfly & Bird Plants

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Lemon Eucalyptus


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philodendron hastatum

Rare Philodendrons


Curcuma X Raspberry Hidden GinHger

Assorted unique ginger varieties available. Gingers are dormant until weather warms up.

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