Blackberry and other berry varieties

We have carried this selection of berries at one time or another.

Plant Variety Description
Blackberry Apache A thornless variety, very disease resistant, productive sweet, large berry, bush type adapts to all areas.
Blackberry Arapahoe Thornless, vigorous early sweet, very productive, bush type vines, very popular here.
Blackberry Black Satin thornless  
Blackberry Brazos Very heavy production, produces loads of fruit used in pies and jelly, tart thorny canes, berries are large, leading variety in commercial plantings, attractive bush.
Blackberry Cherokee  
Blackberry Chickasaw Very large berry, sweet, very erect growing.
Blackberry Kiowa Ripens early, very large sweet berry.
Blackberry Natchez thornless  
Blackberry Navaho thornless  
Blackberry Ouachita Thornless Thornless. Ripens early June.
Blackberry Prime Ark Freedom
Blackberry Roseborough Erect growing with semi-lateral runners, very hardy sweet fruit with little acid taste, withstands moderately dry weather, late May to early June ripening date, 25 day picking season.
Blackberry Triple Crown Thornless.
Blueberry Abundance
Blueberry Brightwell  
Blueberry Climax Good quality with heavy yields, vigorous with heavy yields, long ripening season.
Blueberry Delite Upright growing habit, heavy producer of dark sweet berries, crosses well with other varieties.
Blueberry Emerald
Blueberry Gulf Coast Low Chill
Blueberry Jewel Southern high bush with very low chill requirements. 100 to 150 chill hours. Medium to large fruit, very early bloomer with high production. Best for our Gulf Coast area, Florida, Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast. Grows 6 to 8 feet tall and needs a pollinator. Released by the University of Florida in 1998.
Blueberry Lemonade Low Chill
Blueberry Misty hot pink flowers, blue-green leaves, sky blue medium to large berries, ripens in June. Self-pollinating
Blueberry Pink Lemonade pink-white flowers in spring, hot pink fruit in late summer; Self-pollinating
Blueberry Powderblue Low Chill
Blueberry Premier Low Chill
Blueberry Sharp Blue  
Blueberry Southern Bell Low Chill
Blueberry Sunshine Blue semi-dwarf, hot pink flowers, medium, rich, sweet flavored berries, 150 chill hours
Blueberry Tifblue Prolific 30 day ripening season, large berries, good dark color, good keeping quality.
Raspberry Autumn Bliss  
Raspberry Baba Red Large, red berries
Raspberry Sortcake  
Strawberry Berries Galore everbearing big full flavored berries
Strawberry Chandler large and firm with good flavor
Strawberry Eversweet spring, summer and fall, medium size sweet berries, tolerates heat and humidity
Strawberry Festival Medium-sized, deep red, moderately acidic, firm fruit
Strawberry Florida 90 June bearing, prolific large sweet fruit adapts to all areas
Strawberry Fragoo Pink deep pink blooms with large sweet berries, decorative and delicious
Strawberry Quinault hardy, everbearing, large berries
Strawberry Radiance Large, firm, deep red, moderately acidic
Strawberry Seascape Very large, firm fruit which have good color and flavor when picked ripe
Strawberry Sequoia Good choice for home plantings, very large medium red color, sweet popular best tasting, blooms within 10 weeks after planting.
Strawberry Sweet Ann Very sweet excellent flavored large conical shaped fruits, heavy bearing
Strawberry Sweet Charlie Soft fruit, low acid, high early yield