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Plants are in alphabetical order by botanical names.

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Common Name: Alligator Acanthus
Latin Name: Acanthus montanus
Family: Acanthaceae
This variety of "Bears Breeches" has very spiny leaves, with a slight white varigation. Silvery lavender flowers are stunning when mature. Very hardy. Prefers moist shade.

Common Name: The Baobab Tree
Latin Name: Adansonia digitata
Family: Malvaceae
Zone: 10-12
Baobab is very drought tolerant, native to Africa, and grows to 70 feet tall and 100 feet crown width. The trunks can be up to 35 feet in diameter and these trees can live to 1000 years old. Baobabs are deciduous trees, losing their leaves in the dry season. At the end of the dry season this tree blooms with large white flowers that hang down on long stalks. Flowers are 4-5 in across.

Common Name: 'Phet Nan Ang' Desert Rose
(grafted Thai Hybrid)
Latin Name: Adenium obesum 'Phet Nan Ang'
Family: Apocynaceae
Zone: 10-12

Dark red flowers

Other varieties:

Poseidon - white with deep red ring
Miss Thailand - red and white
Muang Siam - a new purple variety

Common Name: 'Siam Purple' Desert Rose
(grafted Thai Hybrid)
Latin Name: Adenium obesum 'Siam Purple'
Family: Apocynaceae
Zone: 10-12

Purple flowers

Common Name: Deep Red Variegated Desert Rose
Latin Name: Adenium obesum 'Deep Red Variegated'
Family: Apocynaceae
Hardiness: USDA Zone
Deep red flowers AND variegated leaves!

Common Name: Matchstick Plant, Blue Torch
Latin Name: Aechmea gamosepala
Family: Bromeliaceae
Origin: Brazil
Hardiness: USDA Zone
Easy, prolific and very hardy. Can be planted outside, prefers bright light to shade.

Common Name: Cornelius Agave
Latin Name: Agavae var. Cornelius
Family: Agavaceae
Rare variegated Agave

Common Name: Chinese Perfume plant
Latin Name: Aglaia odorata
Family: Meliaceae
Zone: 9, 10
Rare Upright evergreen, tropical shrub with attractive foliage and sprays of tiny yellow, sweetly scented flowers. Easy cultivation, cold hardy to low 20s. Much sought after and very hard to find.

Common Name: 'Bat Wing' Alocasia
Latin Name: Alocasia advincula 'Bat Wing'
Family: Araceae
Zone: 9-11
Unusual bat shaped leaf Alocasia grows 3 to 4 feet tall. Does well in low light. Keep soil moist but not saturated.

Common Name: Alocasia 'Purpley'
Latin Name: Alocasia amazonica 'Purpley'
Family: Araceae
Zone: 9-10
Striking purple tinged leaves with light green stripes. Grow in bright to medium light, moist soil. Grows 3 to 4 feet tall.

Common Name:
Latin Name: Alocasia brancifolia
Family: Araceae
Zone: 9
Rare Mature height 2 to 3 1/2 feet, does well in bright light to 80 percent shade. Exciting unusual deeply lobed leaf shape with mottled stem.

Common Name:
Latin Name: Alocasia Lauterbachiana
Family: Araceae
Zone: 9-11
Mature height 5 to 6 feet with sword shaped leaves with purple undersides.

Common Name: Borneo Giant Alocasia
Latin Name: Alocasia macrorrhizos 'Borneo Giant'
Family: Araceae
Zone: 8-11
A fast growing giant trunk forming Alocasia with distinctive ripples between the leaf veins. Giant upright leaves grow to 12 feet tall! Prefers moist soil with shade from mid-day summer sun.

Common Name: Alocasia x Maharani, Rhinosaurus Alocasia
Latin Name: Alocasia x Maharani
Family: Araceae
Zone: 9-11
A different look with smoky black thick foliage. This is an easy variety for indoor culture, holds up well in interior settings. Lovely for pots or accent in shaded area outside. Sometimes called the rhinosaurus alocasia.

Common Name: 'Black Velvet' Alocasia
Latin Name: Alocasia reginula 'Black-Velvet'
Family: Araceae
Zone: 9
A small dark black green Alocasia with white veins with oval leaves growing 12 to 18 inches tall.

Common Name: Reticulated Alocasia
Latin Name: Alocasia reticulata
Family: Araceae
Zone: 9
Reticulated green arrow shaped leaves growing 2 to 3 feet tall. Prefers shade and rich moist soil.

Aloe pruinosa
Common Name: A Collector Aloe
Latin Name: Aloe pruinosa
Family: Asphodelaceae
Zone: 9b-11
South African solitary stemless aloe with long leaves and bright orange/green/yellow flowers atop a 5 ft spike.

Common Name: "Retro Gang" Assorted Aloes
Latin Name: Aloe Vera and others
Hard to find varieties. Great for rock garden.

Common Name: Variegated Peruvian lily
Latin Name: Alstroemeria psittacina 'variegata'
Family: Alstroemeriaceae
Origin: Brazil
Zone: 6b - 9b
very hardy lily with cinnamon red blooms in spring, beautiful prominent white variegation grows 12 to 14 inches, prefers part sun, makes a nice wide clump, slowly. Deer resistant.

Common Name: Blue Hibiscus
Latin Name: Alyogyne huegelii
Family: Malvaceae
Zone: 9b - 11
A native mallow from South Western Australia with single 5 petal flowers 3 to 5 inches in diameter. Prolific flowers are lilac-blue in color each lasting for one day. This is a fast growing shrub typically reaching 3 feet in height but can grow to 6 feet high and wide. Blue Hibiscus requires a dry sunny well drained soil. It does well in a container. Protect from cold wet winter conditions.

Common Name: Kangaroo Paw
Latin Name: Anigozanthos sp.
Family: Haemodoraceae
Zone: 9 - 11
An unusual plant from Southwestern Australia, Kangaroo Paw makes an excellent fresh or dried cut flower. The bird pollinated flowers get their color from tiny hairs covering the flower buds. Kangaroo paws grow best in well-drained organic soils in a sunny location. They require a dry dormant period prior to blooming.

Aphelandra hartwegiana
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Photo courtesy of Karl Gercens. Copyright Karl Gercens. Conservatory Horticulturist at Longwood Gardens.
Common Name: Yellow Aphelandra
Latin Name: Aphelandra hartwegiana
Family: Acanthaceae
Zone: 10 - 11
unusual orange spikes with yellow blooms 15in. long on this large leafed unique tropical shrub. Blooms fall and winter, rare to find.

Common Name: Variegated Ice Plant, Variegated Sun Rose
Latin Name: Aptenia cordifolia 'Crystal'
Family: Aizoaceae
Zone: 9 - 11
An attractive creeping variegated succulent ground cover from South Africa. Does well in hanging baskets and in rock gardens. Flowers are small, deep red, and produced all throughout the growing season. Does well in full sun to partial shade.

Common Name: Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Latin Name: Arisaema triphyllum
Family: Araceae
Zone: 4 - 9
Hardy perennial wildflower native to the Eastern U.S. with unusual interesting green flowers blooming in spring. Grow in shaded moist but not wet conditions. Plants form an underground corm and can last for many years.

Common Name: Ylang Ylang vine
Latin Name: Artabotrys hexapetalus
Family: Annonaceae
Zone: 9 - 11
Vigorous climber with unique large curly white, very fragrant flowers. Once established, is quite cold hardy.

Common Name: Ayahuasca Vine, Yage, Caapi
Latin Name: Banisteriopsis caapi
Family: Malpighiaceae
Origin: Amazonian rainforest
Hardiness: USDA Zone 10
Amazonian rainforest vine growing to 40 feet with clusters of pale-pink flowers. Can be grown indoors in bright light or outdoors in full sun to shade. Protect from frost. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings.

Common Name: Hong Kong Orchid Tree
Latin Name: Bauhinia x blakeana
Family: Fabaceae
Zone: 10
Hong Kong orchid tree is a sterile hybrid Bauhinia often thought to be the most beautiful of all the orchid trees. This means no unsightly seed pods dropping seeds in the garden. The large burgundy flowers bloom for a longer period than B. purpurea.

Common Name: Purple Orchid-Tree
Latin Name: Bauhinia purpurea
Family: Fabaceae
Zone: 9b-11

Fast growing tropical tree to 35 feet with very showy purple orchid-like flowers in early spring. Unique leaves are double lobed and deciduous. This is an easy to grow, pest free, drought and salt spray tolerant tree that adds a tropical look to any garden.

NOTE: We also offer
Bauhinia hookeri
Bauhinia grandidieri (blue)
Bauhinia tomentosa (yellow)

In limited quantities.

Common Name: Orchid Vine
Latin Name: Bauhinia sirindhorniae
Family: Fabaceae
Zone: 9b-11

Rare orchid vine from Thailand with unusual large tropical foliage and interesting orange flowers.

Common Name: High Plateau Coconut Palm, Frozen Coconut Palm
Latin Name: Beccariophoenix alfredii
Family: Arecaceae
Zone: 8 up

Very rare! Attractive pinnate-leaved palm from higher altitudes in Madagascar. Trees may reach 50 feet with a 12 inch trunk diameter. Cold hardy to mid 20s. Beautiful newly found species!

Belamcanda chinensis-Blackberry Lily
Common Name: Blackberry Lily
Latin Name: Belamcanda chinensis
Family: Iridaceae
Zone: 5 up

Orange flowers spotted with maroon. Use for cutting, borders.
Flowers are 2 inches across and grow best in full sun to partial shade.
Plant 24 inches apart. Grows 36 to 48 inches tall.
The exposed ripe fruits of this Iris relative look like blackberries.
Plant in well drained soil. Native to China and Japan.
Blackberry Lily is a wonderful garden plant, often difficult to find, so get yours now while there blooming!

Common Name: Chinese Ground Orchid
Latin Name: Bletilla striata
Family: Orchidaceae
Zone: 6 - 10
A terrestrial orchid from China, Taiwan and Japan with 6 to 12 long lasting pale pink to deep fuchsia Cattleya-shaped flowers clustered along a one to two foot tall spike. Each spike can stay in bloom for a month or more. Grow in well drained loose organic soil in partial shade. Let dry between watering. Plants will naturalize in the garden. Also grows well in a container. Requires a cooling period in winter for spring flowering.

Shown above, specimen plant with large caudex

Common Name: Shaving Brush Tree
Latin Name: Bombax ellipticum
Family: Bombacaceae
Zone: 9-10

Info: The Shaving Brush Tree is native to Mexico. It is a large deciduous tree growing to about 30 feet tall. It can take freezing winter temps in the mid-twenties for short periods of time.

Flowers are brush-like and appear in late winter. Leaves are first bright red turning a fine green as they mature. This tree is suitable bonsai subject and it is a drought tolerant show plant in any garden.The flowers have silky rose-pink stamens topped with yellow pollen anthers.The wood is striped with greens, yellows, browns and white.

Common Name: Narrow-leaved Bottle Tree
Latin Name: Brachychiton rupestris
Family: Malvaceae
Origin: Australia
Zone: 9-12
Drought tolerant deciduous, succulent tree noted for its unusual swollen trunk, blooms creamy yellow flowers with red markings in showy panicles.

Breynia nivosa 'Rosea-Picta'
Common Name: Dwarf Snow Bush, Snow-On-The-Mountain
Latin Name: Breynia disticha 'Rosea Picta Nana'
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Zone: 10+
Grow in bright shade or sunny window. Dwarf habit and colorful tiny leaves, especially in brighter light. Snow bush is drought tolerant, has minimal needs for fertilizer and, except for wet feet, can handle most kinds of soil conditions. Protect from freezing.

Common Name: Giant Tropical Blue African Salvia
Latin Name: Brillantaisia subulugurica
Family: Acanthaceae
Zone: 9-10
Giant Salvia relative from tropical Africa. Flowers are 1 to 1½ inch bluish-purple in clusters atop 8-9 foot stems. Easy to grow, fragrant flowers, Rare in cultivation!

Aechmea in Bloom
Common Name: Bromeliads
Latin Name:
Family: Bromeliaceae
Origin: Central and South America
Hardiness: USDA Zone 9-11
We carry many varieties of colorful and interesting Bromeliads, including Variegated 'Lava Burst' and 'Ivory Coast' Pineapples. Our selections include many varieties of Aechmea, Billbergia, Cryptanthus, Dyckia, Hechtia, Neoregelia, Tillandsia, and Vriesia Bromeliads.

Common Name: 'Double White' Brugmansia
Latin Name: Brugmansia 'Double White'
Family: Solanaceae
Origin: South America
Hardiness: USDA Zone 9b
Flower within a flower. Blooms best in cool wet weather. leaves are pale green soft and fuzzy. Fragrant in the evening.

Common Name: 'Miner's Claim' Brugmansia
Latin Name: Brugmansia 'Miner's Claim'
Family: Solanaceae
Origin: South America
Hardiness: USDA Zone 9b

Green and gold variegated leaves, fragrant dark apricot flowers on arching stems make this much sought after new patented Brugmansia a must have for your garden collection. Grow in full sun to shade in moist rich soil.

Shredded White Fantasy Brugmansia
Common Name: 'Shredded White Fantasy' Brugmansia
Latin Name: Brugmansia 'Shredded White Fantasy'
Family: Solanaceae
Origin: South America
Hardiness: USDA Zone 9b
Unusual form, usual trumpet is split into many 'petals'

Brunfelsia americana
Common Name: Lady of the night
Latin Name: Brunfelsia americana
Family: Solanaceae
Zone: 10

Lady of the Night is native to the jungles of Central America. It has wonderfully fragrant large creamy white flowers with a long tube. Foliage is light green and leathery.

Lady of the Night performs best on moonlit summer nights when the 2 inch wide white flowers fill the night air with sweet spicy perfume. Grow in bright shade and protect from temps below mid-40s. Plants start blooming after several weeks of cooler dryer conditions have changed into warmer wetter weather. Keep yours blooming all season by providing plenty of moisture and fertilizer. Plants can grow to 8 feet tall.

Common Name: Pride of Barbados
Latin Name: Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Family: Fabaceae
Hardiness: USDA Zone 8-10

Hardy tropical shrub on the Gulf Coast. Pride of Barbados is native to the West Indies. It can grow to 15 feet tall and flowers all summer with large clusters of red, yellow, and orange flowers. The bright lowers start out yellow then over 3 days change to deep red. Each day during flowering new individual flowers open so many shades of yellow and red are on each flower stalk. Easy to grow, drought tolerant, and definitely a treasure for your tropical garden.

Common Name: 'Electric Shock' Calathea
Latin Name: Calathea louisiae 'Electric Shock'
Family: Marantaceae
Zone: 10+
Perennial, grows to 18 inches tall, best in shade with well drained soil.

Common Name: Dwarf Red Powderpuff
Latin Name: Calliandra emarginata 'Red'
Family: Mimosaceae
Origin: Southern Mexico to Hunduras
Hardiness: USDA Zone 9-11
Low growing shrub to 6 feet tall with 1 to 2 inch red flowers during spring and summer months. Can grow in sun or shade and often flowers after a period of heavy rains. Is drought tolerant.

Common Name: Yellow Bottlebrush, Lemon Bottlebrush
Latin Name: Callistemon pallidus
Family: Myrtaceae
Zone: 8+
Shrub from Southeastern Australia with pale lemon cream colored brush flowers. Makes a beautiful screen or specimen plant. Height is about six feet tall by four feet wide. Grows well in moist soil, full sun to shade. Blooms in spring.

Common Name: Pine Leaf Bottlebrush
Latin Name: Callistemon pinifolius
Family: Myrtaceae
Zone: 9+
Evergreen shrub growing to 5 feet tall, flowers are pale yellow and bloom in spring and summer. Grow this low maintenance shrub in full sun. Little pruning is ever necessary, if you do prune, do so after flowering.

Callistemon rugulosus 'Violaceus'
Common Name: Purple Bottlebrush
Latin Name: Callistemon rugulosus 'Violaceus'
Family: Myrtaceae
Zone: 8+

Partial shade to full sun, shrub to 10 ft, with narrow pointed leaves, very showy mauve-purple flowers in summer, prune after flowering for dense habit.


Common Name: Boyettes Weeping Bottlebrush
Latin Name: Callistemon viminalis
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Australia
Zone: 8-11
Fast growing tree with dramatic weeping growth habit with long flexible limbs. Exceptionally large red flowers and longer than average bloom cycle. Flowers are rich with nectar which attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Fast growing easy to care for small scale tree.

Common Name: 'Wild Thing' Bottlebrush
Latin Name: Callistemon
Family: Myrtaceae
Zone: 8+

Common Name: Cancer tree, Happiness tree
Latin Name: Camptotheca acuminata
Family: Cornaceae (Nyssaceae)
Zone: 8-11

Rare shade tree native to China, xi shu in China means Happy tree. Most likely called that for its medicinal properties. It is now being studied for cancer research. In the tupelo family, it is fast growing and hardy. It blooms large white sputnik like blooms that resemble buttonbush. Traditionally used in chinese medicine for centuries. Rare to find in U.S.

Common Name: Ylang-Ylang - The Chanel No. 5 Perfume Tree
Latin Name: Cananga odorata
Family: Annonaceae
Zone: 10

A small tropical rainforest tree native to the Philippines and Indonesia with highly fragrant yellow-green flowers with long starfish petals and bold smooth shiny green leaves. The scented flowers are the inspiration of Chanel No.5 Perfume. Ylang-Ylang is among the most celebrated trees in the world.

Blooming begins at a young age and mature trees bloom almost year round. Protect from frost and freezing weather. Does well as a container plant for patio and pool areas.

Common Name: Jamaica Caper
Latin Name: Capparis cynophallophora
Family: Capparaceae
Zone: 10

Jamaican Caper Tree is native to The Caribbean and to South Florida, growing to about 16 feet tall. Leaves are evergreen, shiny, and have a small notch at the end of the leaf. The clustered flowers are very showy with 2 inch long brush like stamens and white anthers and white petals. The white flowers open just after dark and later take on lavender to purple hues. Seed pods are 3 to 8 inch long cylindrical pods with brown seeds embedded in a bright scarlet pulp. The pods split open when ripe, advertising availability to birds and other wildlife.

This Florida native is related to the best known Caper (Capparis spinosa) from the Mediterranean region.

Common Name: Ceylon Senna, Red Cassia, Red Rainbow Shower Tree
Latin Name: Cassia roxburghii
Family: Fabaceae
pink flower cassia, rows of pink/red flowers on weeping branches. Hard to find tropical tree.

Chamaedorea radicalis
Common Name: Mexican parlor palm
Latin Name: Chamaedorea radicalis
Family: Palmae/Arecaceae (palm family)
Zone: 8+
Very cold hardy trunkless palm from Mexico. Feathery foliage is used in the floral trade. Grows in moist shade, filtered light. Beautiful orange colored fruit. Grows to 4ft; great filler palm.

Common Name: Silver Mediterranean Fan Palm
Latin Name: Chamaerops humilis var Cerifera
Family: Palmae/Arecaceae (palm family)
Zone: 8+
Silver fan palm leaves. Sunny, well drained position. Very drought tolerant, and very cold resistant. Forms multiple trunks and grows to 8-10 feet tall.
Plant pictured is in our garden, for sale plants are smaller.

Common Name: Fire Flash Chlorophytum
Latin Name: Chlorophytum amaniense 'Fire Flash'
Family: Liliaceae
Zone: 9b

An exciting new foliage plant from tropical West Africa. 'Fire Flash' is easy to grow and requires bright light with protection from full mid-day sun. Leaves are broad ovate with coral stems. Fertilize with half strength liquid fertilizer being careful not to get fertilizer on the leaves. Will grow 18 to 24 inches tall. Plant in a well drained good quality potting soil.

Synonym: Chlorophytum orchidantheroides

Common Name: Frangipani vine, Climbing Plumeria
Latin Name: Chonemorpha fragrans
Family: Apocynaceae
Zone: 9b-11
Rare! Frangipani vine from Thailand. Large leaved evergreen tropical climber produces clusters of fragrant 2-1/2" white and yellow flowers. Full sun.

Common Name: Floss Silk Tree
Latin Name: Chorisia speciosa
Family: Bombacaceae
Zone: 9b-11
A tropical deciduous tree with covered with large pink and white blooms in the fall. The green trunk is covered near the base with large barnacle-like spines. A real conversation piece for the garden. Grow in full sun with moderate watering.

Cinnamomum cassia leaves
Common Name: Cinnamon Tree
Latin Name: Cinnamomum cassia
Family: Lauraceae
Zone: 9b-11
Cinnamon Cassia tree grows to 10-15 m tall, with grayish bark, and hard elongated leaves 10-15 cm long, that have a decidedly reddish color when young. Cassia cinnamon is also known as Chinese, Saigon, and Korintje cinnamon. It is the 'Cinnamon' known to most North Americans and has been used for thousands of years. We have a Cinnamon tree planted at our nursery that has been thriving in the ground for several years.

Common Name: Fiddlewood
Latin Name: Citharexylum
Family: Verbenaceae
Hardiness: USDA Zone
Beautiful shrub (small tree). Glossy leaves turn copper orange in fall. It has fragrant white spirelike blooms (like Almond Verbena). Florida native - Rare to find.

Common Name: Harlequin Glory Bower (Variegated)
Latin Name: Clerodendrum trichotomum Variegated
Family: Lamiaceae
Zone: 7-9

Rare A deciduous shrub with fragrant tubular white flowers in summer, blue seed drupe in fall. The Variegated fuzzy leaves are lustrous dark green with lime green borders, 4 to 8" long.

Flowers are very attractive to butterflies! This small 6-10 foot shrub is easy to grow and prefers a well drained moist soil in full sun or light shade. Can be pruned into a more compact bushy shape or as a single trunk small tree.

Common Name: Clivia 'Good Hope' Yellow
Latin Name: Clivia miniata 'Good Hope'
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Zone: 9 - 11
Rare Clivias do best in shaded frost free locations. They can survive temperatures into the mid-twenties for short periods as long as they are kept on the dry side. Otherwise bring plants in for the winter. Clivias make excellent garden specimen or potted patio plants. This unusual yellow variety is a hard to find beauty. Mature plants can have 12 to 20 long lasting yellow flowers per stalk blooming in late winter and spring.

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