Bambusa eutuldiodes 'Viridivittata'

Asian Lemon Bamboo, Caribbean Lemon-Lime Bamboo

25' tall, 1" dia culms - hardy to 21° Fahrenheit

Asian Lemon Bamboo culms have varying dark green stripes. New culms are peach and pink toned with green stripes, very striking. Provide several hours per day of full sunlight and plenty of mulch and moisture for best growth. The bright colors of this plant offer a more cold tolerant specimen as an alternative to Painted Bamboo.

Lemon Lime Bamboo Bambusa eutuldiodes 'Viridivittata' Culms Lemon Lime Bamboo
Bambusa eutuldiodes 'Viridivittata'   Bambusa eutuldiodes 'Viridivittata'